Felix Elementary students harvest cabbage, donate 200 pounds to Salvation Army

Third-graders at Felix Elementary know what it takes to plant a garden. More than 100 students spent the past two months growing cabbage in their school courtyard. 

With a little TLC, the students were surprised how fast and big their crop grew.

"The best place to be in this school is right here on Monday morning because the kids come in after a weekend and they walk right by here and they see how much it's grown and they have smiles on their faces and excitement in their voices, said Melanie Dunnuck.

And last week, the cabbage  was to harvest.

Some cabbage went home with students. Some were donated  to the Salvation Army.

"We got a lot of cabbage last week and it was so much fun," said Judy Jones.

Judy Jones is the volunteer coordinator at the Salvation Army in Stuart. 

She counted 200 pounds worth of cabbage donated from the third graders.

Every last leaf will help feed the homeless.

"We can make dinner out of it, we can make cabbage rolls, cabbage soup, we made cole slaw last night, our chef is very talented using everything we get in, and it saves us money," said Jones.

And while every student didn't  take home the fruits of their labor, they were all able to take home the valuable lessons of  decision making, patience, and compassion. 

"We were able to help giving to the poor so they can survive, and enjoy their life," said one student.