Dream project sets sail for Martin County resident Ron Buss

STUART, Fla. - For over thirty years, boats have been a major part of Martin County resident Ron Buss's life.  

"I didn't build complete boats there, I made sections, or cabinetry, but I was around the business," said Ron.
Picking up an appreciation for the craft, along with the experience, a conversation with his wife plotted a new course for the veteran boat-builder.  
"Men get deprived of their dreams cause they're always working to pay the bills and keep the house underway.  She looked at me and said, 'What do you think you've been deprived of?'  You know I've worked on boats my whole life, but I've never made a whole boat from start to finish.  I think without thinking. She said, 'Well why don't you just do that then?'" said Ron.
Over the next seven years, Ron spent his evenings out back, designing and building his first complete watercraft, from stem to stern, calling in favors from friends and industry professionals along the way.  
"All through the project, people came out of the marine industry, volunteering help.  The love of the water goes back centuries. I think people kind of share my dream," said Ron.
His dream now a reality, Ron wants to share his design.  
"Hopefully someone will take the tooling from me, and we'll see more of these out on the water," said Ron.  
Until then, he's just enjoying the ride.  
"You can tell by the smile on my face I'm happy," said Ron.
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