Do you know what to do if a child stops breathing? Viral pictures show how important CPR is

The pictures have gone viral.  Pamela Rauseo saved her five-month-old nephew's life after he stopped breathing.  It happened on a Miami highway on Thursday. 

A photographer captured the events as Rauseo and other drivers performed CPR on the infant.

It's a scary situation for any parent or relative. That's why you need to be prepared.

Elisha Stoecklin is a first time mom. Her son is 8 months old.  She's also the Executive Director at the YMCA of the Treasure Coast in stuart.  She knows how important CPR is.

"It could save a life," says Stoecklin, "It's like a social responsibility whether it's for your own child or someone in the community."

She demonstrated CPR on a child-size manikin for WPTV.

"You can even just tip the head back, plug the nose and blow into their mouth that way," says Stoecklin.

CPR uses a combination of breaths and chest compressions.

"You're gonna want to provide two breaths to 30 compressions and just continue that cycle until EMS arrives," says Stoecklin.

But you have to act fast.  YMCA lifeguards know every second counts in a rescue. They practice regularly on a manikin in the pool.

"I think the more people that know CPR the safer the community is going to be," says Stoecklin.

She says getting certified can take as little as 6 to 8 hours of instruction.  The YMCA offers CPR classes.

"The instructors work to make sure everybody passes," says Stoecklin.

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