Chester Price status check, Andrea Parsons case: Status check on Dec. 18 in Parsons murder moved

STUART, Fla. -- A status check will take place Dec. 18 for the man accused of kidnapping and murdering Andrea Parsons.

Authorities arrested Chester Price late last month, after linking him to her disappearance.
His first appearance was held on Nov. 30 in the Martin County Courthouse. Price appeared on a television monitor in the courtroom from the Martin County Jail. The judge denied bond for Price, and he has remained in jail since.
Price faces charges of kidnapping and first degree murder. During Thursday's arraignment hearing, he will be formally charged.
Detectives in the case say Price told them he picked up 10-year old Andrea Parsons from outside a Port Salerno grocery store in 1993. He said she tried to bite him and escape the van, but Price said he knocked her unconscious. He told detectives he then disposed of Parsons' body the next day.
Those close to the case, including Parsons' family, say there won't be any closure until a conviction, and until Parsons' body is found.
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