Chester Price, Andrea Parsons: Suspect in Port Salerno child's 1993 disappearance changes plea

STUART, Fla. - The man accused of kidnapping and killing a 10-year-old Port Salerno girl in 1993 appeared before a Martin County judge Friday morning and changed his plea.

Chester Price was originally charged with the first degree murder and kidnapping of Andrea Parsons in 2012.

Following his arrest two years ago, Price entered a plea of not guilty.

Friday morning he entered a plea of no contest to a charge of manslaughter and no contest to the kidnapping of a child under 13.

The judge sentenced him to ten years on each count to be served concurrently. With time served he will spend less than 9 years in prison.

The mother of Andrea Parsons was aware of the plea, according to the state attorney. She no longer lives in the area and did not attend the hearing. (She did submit a letter which you can read below).

Police said Andrea disappeared while walking home from a grocery store, which was located just two blocks from her house.

Price and his accused accomplice, Claude Davis, gave conflicting stories as to who actually killed her.

In 1994, Davis was arrested in connection with Andrea's disappearance, but the case was dismissed for lack of evidence. Davis died from a sudden illness before he could be questioned again.

In court Friday the state attorney said Price blamed the child's kidnapping on Davis and said Davis' intent was to have sexual intercourse with the victim.

Price admitted he pulled Andrea Parsons into the van. Price said Davis hit Andrea in the head twice with a tire iron which is what killed her.

Price admitted to being involved in disposing of Andrea's body.

When asked if he accepted the plea because he is guilty or because 'it is in his best interest' he said the latter and did not admit guilt.

Letter from Linda Parsons, Andrea's mother.

Seven thousand, three hundred and five days. That is how long it has been since I kissed my daughter, Andrea, good night. I lost her that Sunday, on July 11th, 1993, never again to see her smiling face, hear her sweet voice, or feel her loving touch. I know how much she misses being home with her Mom, her sister and brother. I'm sure she misses all her aunts, uncles, and cousins. I know she really misses being with her animals. No more celebrating birthdays. Gone forever the excitement in opening Christmas presents. Gone forever the chance to grow up, to follow her dreams. Instead, her future was decided by you, Chester Price. On that fateful night, you decided to take all her joys and happiness away from her. Who are you that you can make decisions about my daughter for your own selfish, sadistic reasons? Who are you to think you can do what you will with my daughter? Even though you admit guilt, you are still deciding Andrea's future by not telling me where you left her. I have been waiting over twenty years for Andrea to come home. Still, she is not home. I do not know how you can sleep at night knowing her soul is not at rest, forever wandering and looking for her family. You must realize that this will not be over until Andrea's body is recovered and she can come home for a proper funeral.

The court system worked in your favor. You are spending the next ten years in prison, when in a perfect world, you should have gotten the death penalty. Today is the end of Andrea's case but it's not the end for me and all her family. We will go on looking for her. At the least you should have gotten a sentence of twenty years, seven months and fourteen days. That is how long I have been searching for my daughter. Personally, I hope you never get to see daylight again. You deserve to die for what you did to Andrea. Again I ask, who are you? I know who you are. You are the monster under the bed. The monster who stole my child. The monster who still keeps her captive. Even in your deathbed, will you be so unafraid of where your soul will spend all eternity, that the monster will still not release her? Even in your deathbed, die knowing that you will be held accountable for your sins.

These words I write for Andrea with all the praises of my family and friends

Andrea's Mom, Linda

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