Aaron Vaughn: Parents of Stuart Navy SEAL withdraw from wrongful death lawsuit

Family of Aaron Vaughn calls suit 'broad-based'

STUART, Fla. - The family of a Stuart Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan wants to hold top U.S. officials accountable for his death. But the parents of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn are abruptly pulling out of the wrongful death lawsuit that they have been building for a year and half.

Vaughn's father said he was on board with the lawsuit until the final version was filed in U.S. District Court this week.

When Billy Vaughn and his wife Karen read through the 32 page document, they decided to call the filing attorney to withdraw their names from the lawsuit.

"We are not part of this particular lawsuit," said Billy Vaughn.

Aaron Vaughn was among twenty two elite Navy SEALs killed when their chopper was shot down in rough terrain in Afghanistan in August 2011. His parents and the parents of three other SEAL Team members had planned to sue Vice President Joe Biden and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. The lawsuit alleges that Biden and Panetta divulged the SEAL Team's role in killing Osama Bin Laden three months before.

"Vice President Joe Biden outed the Navy SEALs," said Mr. Vaughn, who believes that there was a breach of national security which put a target on his son's back. "May very well have caused these men to lose their lives by outing the operators," he said.

The Vaughns say the lawsuit has evolved into something that is too 'broad-based' for their interest.

The complaint, filed by Ocala attorney Larry Klayman, seeks apologies from Biden, Panetta and also President Barack Obama.

The suit calls for a second memorial services for the fallen service members saying "without a Muslim cleric, but made up of priests or ministers of the fallen heroes' religions". The lawsuit also seeks damages in excess of $200 million.

Billy and Karen Vaughn still want to hold top U.S. officials accountable for their son's death, but not with this particular lawsuit.

"As the lawsuit unfolded, we saw that there were many things in that we did not agree with," said Mr. Vaughn. The Vaughns are not ruling out filing a new and separate lawsuit in the future.

Aaron Vaughn died at the age of 30. His wife and two young children live outside of Florida.








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