Steven Simon case update: Pastor's wife relieved husband is able to talk after road rage shooting

MARTIN CO., Fla. - The Martin County road rage gun shot victim is now able to talk to his wife, and for the first time, she is now talking about the tragedy, his recovery, and the search for the gunman.

"Hearing the news that your husband got shot two times in the head, and a couple of days later he is talking...that was a huge relief," Emma Simon said.

Pastor Steven Simon was taken out of a medically induced coma on Monday.

Martin County Sheriff's Office investigators say Simon was shot two times in the head on Thursday night on Interstate 95 during a road rage incident.

The suspect got away in what is believed to be a gold Chrysler Concord with an older white male with grey hair driving according to detectives.

"We are praying that he does get caught and we do want justice for my husband," Simon said.


Simon says she is grateful for the hard work of the Martin County Sheriff's Office and she has faith the shooter will be found.

The couple has a one month old and a one year old.

"Right now the load is on me. I have to support the church, the ministry, so pretty much right now I am playing the role of Bishop at the church since my husband is not here," Simon said.

Martin County detectives returned to the scene of the shooting along Interstate 95 near Hobe Sound Tuesday.

They used metal detectors and ATVs to search the area, but found nothing.

The Martin County Sheriff says Pastor Simon was able to provide detectives with detailed information about what he encountered.

Emma Simon says her husband is talking more and more.

"He heard my voice and he was like is that my wife is that my wife. That really put a smile on my face and I was really happy he recognized my voice," Simon said.

Simon says she will remain by her husband's side while taking care of their two children and attending to the needs of the West Palm Beach church.

If you would like to help with medical expenses, the family has set up a GoFundMe account called "Pastor Steven Simon Fund."

The website is: