State of Emergency still in effect in Martin County

Several thousand tons of sand should help dune

HUTCHISON ISLAND, Fla. - Crews continue to work Sunday on strengthening the shoreline at Bathtub Reef Beach on Hutchinson Island.

A state of emergency was declared Wednesday ahead of impact by Hurricane Sandy. Since then, crews hired by the county brought in several thousand tons of sand to help strengthen the dune that separates the beach from the parking lot at the park.

Officials tell us there was a breach in the dune on Friday that caused ocean water to pour into the parking lot and onto MacArthur Boulevard. Since then the road has been shut down and is only open to local traffic.

Crews say the waves washed debris from nearby homes onto the road, including wooden boards with nails. These have caused several people to have flat tires on their vehicles.

The beach at Bathtub Reef will remain closed as the state of emergency remains in effect.

County engineers haven't indicated when it will reopen.

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