Shooting of Steven Simon puts road rage in spotlight

A shooting on Interstate-95 is shining a spotlight on road rage.  The Martin County Sheriff's Office says the victim, Steven Simon, was shot by another driver fueled with road rage.

It happened Thursday night on Interstate 95 near the Stuart exit.  Police say the victim remains in a medically induced coma at a local hospital.
The incident has a lot of people talking.
“You never know who's there, if they have a gun,” says driver Cari Lynn Mojena, “I mean it's really scary.”
Many drivers have experienced road rage firsthand from speeding to tailgating to people weaving in and out of traffic trying to get ahead. 
“People get mad cause you're driving like 65, not going like 70 or 75 same as them,” says driver Edwin Chavez, “That's the reason they get mad.”
Experts say when you see an aggressive driver get away.
“Avoid the eye contact,” says driving instructor Nancy Martinez, “Treat almost like a tailgating situation. Move over.”
WPTV spoke to Nancy Martinez on Skype.  She's a driving instructor at A Perfect Start Driving School in Fort Pierce.  She says it doesn't take much to provoke someone.
"You share the road with selfish drivers," says Martinez, "The ones who say this is my lane."
She says pay attention. 
“You make a right, they make a right,” says Martinez, “That kind of stalking thing is still considered road rage."

There is a gofundme campaign online to raise money for Simon.  So far people have donated nearly $1,000.