Push to clean up rundown mobile home park

Park in middle of multi-million dollar road work

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - A neighborhood is trying to push for a brighter future, is contending with a huge eyesore.

Markus Meyerin is the only resident left in the Rio Village Mobile Home Park.

"I do cut this grass around this corner here, and keep this little corner, Meyerin says as he walks around his trailer. He has electricity, an updated permit, and a freshly painted mailbox, but no running water or sewer.

"If they gave me a dumpster, I could have this place cleared up in a month or so," said Meyerin.

The mobile home park has been at the center of controversy for years, and sits at the center of a current beautification effort in Rio.

Millions are being spent on new roads and sidewalks. The park faces $1.4 million dollars in fines because of code violations. So residents like Barbara Taylor with the Rio Civic Club, would like the issue of the park resolved.

"It's not only a health hazard but we're also concerned about children in the area who might get hurt," said Taylor.

Earlier this year, the county had offered the park owners $250,000 to buy the property.  That fell through in the summer when the owners counteroffer of $475,000.

Tuesday, County Commissioners learned though that there may be some good news.

"The owners have agreed to demolish the remaining units that are on site as we speak," said County Commissioner Doug Smith, whose district covers Rio.

Smith says property rights are always tricky issues and he's hoping that commissioners get an update next week to see if the park owner has followed through on its promise to get the permits needed to begin their work.

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