Philip Harvey Jr.'s father is relieved by arrest yet frustrated hit & run suspect with still driving

More details in a deadly hit and run in Martin County. The victim's father says he's relieved a man has been arrested.


Philip Harvey says he has good days and bad days.


"Sometimes I break down crying," says Harvey, "Like right now you can see me tearing up." 


His son Philip Jr. was killed on February 22 in a hit and run. It happened at the intersection of Mapp Road and Martin Downs Boulevard.


"I miss my son," says Harvey. 


John White was arrested Monday and charged with DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, leaving the scene involving a death and driving with a suspended license involving a death.  


The arrest affidavit from the Florida Highway Patrol shows White was charged with a DUI in January in St. Lucie County and was previously convicted of DUI in 1993 and 1996 in Colorado.


"I cannot understand why was he still driving," says Harvey.


White's license was suspended after his arrest in January.  A former manager at White's restaurant, the Salted Lime in Stuart, says he continued driving. She didn't want to give her name but says on the night of the hit and run White was drinking at the restaurant.


"He was extremely drunk and that they asked him not to drive and he was driving anyway," says the former manager who quit last month shortly after the hit and run.


She says White told workers he didn't kill Harvey even though his abandoned car was found nearby. Instead he claimed someone else was driving his car.


"He doesn't remember anything," says the former manager, "He doesn't know how it happened."


Suzanne Caudall is Executive Director at C.O.R.E. which runs DUI education and probation programs.  She says repeat drunk drivers usually won't stop until something bad happens.


"Many, many offenders continue to drive when their license is suspended," says Caudell. 


Harvey's father says his son tutored young kids and helped out at a food pantry. 


"He took a valuable life," says Harvey, "A young man that was gonna do a lot of things in this community."


John White was still in jail in Martin County on Wednesday night.  His bond is $1.2 million.