6-year-old saves grandpa by calling 911

PALM CITY, Fla. - Martin County Fire Rescue is calling a 6-year-old boy a hero.

Zachary Ziegler-Kelley was spending time with his grandpa Wednesday when he said his grandpa's LVAD started making a "weird" noise.

An LVAD is a machine to help monitor the heart.

Ziegler said his grandfather stopped talking and became unresponsive. Ziegler was the only one home with his grandfather.

His grandmother happened to call to check-in moments later and told Ziegler to call 911.

Dispatchers were able to get the address by checking the landline phone number that Ziegler used to make the call.

"You're doing great,"  a dispatcher told Ziegler.

He relayed to dispatchers that his grandfather's LVAD was making noise.

"There's a police officer outside your door and he's going to check and see if your grandpa is okay," the dispatcher told Ziegler.

Ziegler let officers inside through the garage.

"Kids are a lot of the time easier to deal with than an adult because they're not as aware of a situation as an adult may be so their panic level is not as high," said dispatcher Brandi Baldesty.

Baldesty didn't take Ziegler's call but says the boy helped rescue crews get to his grandfather fast.

The boy's mother, Sarah Ziegler, says she couldn't be more proud of her son making the emergency call. "If he didn't, my dad would be here dead by himself if Zach was not here," Sarah Ziegler said.

Fire rescue says it's an important reminder to teach kids how to make the emergency call, learn their address and know what kind of information to give a dispatcher.

"If there's a fire call 911. Somebody hurt, call 911. If something's wrong with your friends call 911," Ziegler said.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder also honored Ziegler at his Movie with the Sheriff event, acknowledging Ziegler's lifesaving action. Ziegler was given a token of appreciation and could be nominated for a lifesaving award, according to fire rescue.

Ziegler's grandfather is still in the hospital recovering.