World Trade Center metal dedicated at the Peter and Julie Cummings Library during 9/11 memorial

PALM CITY, Fla. - A piece of steel from the World Trade Center was dedicated this morning during a 9/11 memorial service.

Dozens gathered at the Peter and Julie Cummings Library in Palm City Saturday morning for the memorial which featured a 22 foot long, 2.5 ton piece of steel brought from the World Trade Center.

It was an emotional moment for native New Yorker, Robin Boesch.

"Brings tears to my eyes, for all the people that we lost,” said Boesch.

She shared the moment with her grandkids.

"I tried to teach them what happened. It's a little hard for them to understand because they weren't born."

Boeschs' grandkids are learning about 9/11 through images at school.

"Pictures of broken glass inside and the outside and when the terrorists crashed into the buildings,” said James.

U.S. Representative Patrick Murphy was also in attendance as a guest speaker.

"This is one of those days where everybody pretty much remembers, exactly where they were, what they were wearing, what they were doing that day, so it's nice to have this commemorative piece of steel here in our community,” said Murphy. "Never forget. That’s a reminder to our brave men and women fighting every day, what we're doing and how hard it is to fight for our freedoms but we need to continue doing it."