Three teenagers arrested after foiled Pillowcase Burglary attempt

Teens were heading to St. Lucie County

PALM CITY, Fla. -- Three teenagers from Broward County are in the Martin County jail after leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase Wednesday morning.

It happened around 6:30 a.m. during the morning rush hour.

Authorities say the teens admitted they were driving up from Broward County in a stolen SUV, and were heading to St. Lucie County to break into homes.

Within minutes, the three teenagers found themselves speeding freely up the interstate, to quickly being carted off to jail by deputies.

18-year-old Devonte Jean Pierre, 16-year-old Marquis Johnson and 16-year-old Kadaris Tolliver were arrested after a frantic mother called 911 after watching them drive recklessly while heading north on I-95.

"I have a one-year-old baby in the car and it's dark and all of a sudden, headlights appear in my rearview mirror so close that I thought it was going to hit me," she told a 911 operator.

The caller tried to follow the suspects.

"I'm following him right now to get his license plate number, but he is going over 100 mph, and he just pulled over," she continued.

After that call, Martin County deputies and Florida Highway Patrol troopers followed the vehicle as the suspects exited off and back onto the interstate.

After taking the High Meadow Avenue exit in Palm City, the suspects hit a deputy cruiser. Deputies say the suspects also tried to hit a trooper head-on. One deputy sustained minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

Glenn Theobald with the Martin County Sheriff's Office explained, "If they can disable one vehicle and one deputy on foot, that's one less that's going to chase after them."

The chase ended when a deputy hit the side of the vehicle with his cruiser, causing the suspects to crash before they could hit the trooper.

"He took action to prevent something bad from happening, a serious injury or maybe even a death," Theobald explained.

Two of the three suspects have criminal histories.

All three face felony charges for theft, assault, battery and fleeing from law enforcement.


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