Three rescued emaciated horses now adoptable in Palm City

PALM CITY, Fla. -  

Three months ago, Equine Rescue & Adoption Foundation (ERAF) rescued three horses that were emaciated. Today, their recovery is remarkable.


In July, Joshua, Morning Star and Tinker Bell were skin and bones. They were unhealthy and unhanded. 


Deputies negotiated their surrender with a Martin County resident.


ERAF President Randy Kinder says the economy and irresponsible breeding and feeding led to the neglect. Deputies brought the horses to ERAF in Palm City. 


"They are doing fantastic. Far better than we ever expected," said Kinder.


They've gained weight. Morning Star is rideable, and all are now adoptable. 


ERAF has taken in emaciated horses before. 


"But we have never had three at a time actually and days away from dying that we have brought back to what they are today," Kinder said, with a smile. 


She says the horses all have distinct personalities. Tinker Bell is a bit flighty. 


"Joshua is ever the gentleman, and Morning Star is a sweetheart. A real sweetheart," said Kinder. 


The horses should be ready for adoption by next week. If you're interested, call (772) 220-0150.

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