South Florida strawberry farmers monitor crops as cold weather hits region

PALM CITY, Fla. - Temperatures dipped into the high 30s early Friday morning, but it appears farmers' crops weren't hurt badly by the chilly weather.

Farmers watched their crops and saw that there was no need to use the irrigation system to protect their fruits and vegetables.

However, they may not be out of the clear because colder temperatures are in the weekend forecast.

After speaking with farmers at D and D Family Farms, they said they will continue to monitor their crops on Saturday and Sunday.

Farmers said a lot of their plants welcome the cold weather because it helps bring out the sugar in fruits like strawberries.

But other farmers across the state, mainly in north Florida and on the west coast of Florida, may not have the same luck as those on the southeast coast.  Temperatures were much colder in those regions, so some crops may have suffered damaged.

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