Sunny Times Stables: Rescued horses make new friends at Sunny Times Stables in Palm City

PALM CITY, Fla. - This is the ninth summer for Judy Tucker at the Sunny Times Stables.

"They're bony, and their backs are curved in," said Tucker.

But this isn't your traditional stable and these are not your typical horses.

"I just feel really bad, it's hurtful they don't get fed at all and get abandoned," said Tucker.

The Palm City facility serves as a home for rescued horses while giving youngsters a chance to develop their nurturing skills.

"None of this was here, there was every single bone going down his back," said Linda Sistarelli.

She is the owner at Sunny Times. She says horses arrive from across the country abused and malnourished.

"When he first came in he was underweight and I had older kids work with him to help build up his muscle tone, so when i got on him he didn't feel the stress of it," said Sistarelli.

About 20 youngsters work everyday riding, washing, feeding, and  getting the horses over their fear of humans.

"I tell these kids every day you're a horse trainer when you hope on the horses you're training the horses.," said Sistarelli.

Noble came in 250 pounds underweight. The horse is now over 1300 pounds, and loves playing with the kids.

"He is not missing a meal," said Sistarelli.

And 17 year old Tucker says that's why she comes everyday, to try to make a difference in these horses lives.

"It's like any other horse, they're like back and up, its just they have a story behind them, and they been through alot," said Tucker.

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