Petition created to stop All Aboard Florida from running through eastern Treasure Coast

STUART, Fla. - Treasure Coast residents are speaking out against the proposed All Aboard Florida train route that would run through the Treasure Coast.

One Palm City resident has created a petition against the proposed train route, which could bring an addition 32 trains through the Treasure Coast on a daily basis.

K.C Traylor created the petition 2 weeks ago, and is inching close to 1,000 signatures in opposition of the train running through the coastline along the Treasure Coast.

"I launched this petition to let people know this train is coming and we’ve got to see if we can get it to change its course," Traylor said.

Traylor would like to see the route be moved farther west, and away from the coastal cities.

"They're concerned about access to the ocean, they're concerned about businesses that will be affected," Traylor said. She says there’s concern about noise and traffic, and boaters worry they may be left waiting longer to pass under train bridges if the trains pass through the Treasure Coast more frequently.

Bill Begley has been boating and selling boats for 30 years and sees more boaters flocking to the Treasure Coast waterways.

He says the train could damper their boating experience.

Boaters already have to wait for several trains each day near the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart.

“At least 20 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes at a time,” Begley explained.

He says all boaters would be affected by more train traffic. “It doesn't just impact boats with big towers or sailboats. It's right down to the guy with the little T-top on his boat because he can't get under the bridge," Begley said.

All Aboard Florida could be running by the end of 2015.

Click on the link to find the petition .

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