Palm City teenager hopes to save lives with new phone app

PALM CITY, Fla. - A Palm City teenager hopes to save lives with a phone app.

The free app is called Nutrislice. 16-year-old Lauren Maunus helped bring it for Martin County schools.  

"I did a lot of research like extensive research about different software systems," says Maunus.

Nutrislice is both a website and a phone app.  It lists the breakfast and lunch menu for every school in Martin County.  For example, Maunus' school, South Fork High, had Chicken Alfredo pasta for lunch.  The app shows people a picture of the dish along with nutritional information like calories and special diet information that includes food allergies. Chicken Alfredo pasta contains dairy, wheat and soy.

Maunus got the idea after seeing her younger sister Rachel struggle with a severe food allergy to nuts.

"She was not able to utilize the school cafeteria at all," says Maunus.

Nutrislice allows parents and students to check out the school menu and know ahead of time if it's safe to eat.  Maunus says it's made a big difference in her sister's life.

"Seeing Rachel just so happy when she goes to lunch now instead of scared is amazing," says Maunus.

The South Fork High School junior says it's exciting to see fellow students check out the app as they wait in line as the school cafeteria.

"The age of technology is just so convenient to have it here in front of us and just be engaged in our nutritional decisions," says Maunus.

Maunus is now working to bring the app into the national spotlight.  Next month she will travel to Washington D.C. and meet with First Lady Michelle Obama's staff for her Let's Move campaign. It encourages kids to eat better and get more exercise. Maunus says Nutrislice would be a great fit with that campaign.

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