iVox employees in Palm City brace for possible layoffs

More than 300 people are on edge, after learning they might lose their jobs next month. That's because a Palm City company lost its main client.


Fear, anger and shock are the emotions iVox Solutions employees say they're feeling, after learning their jobs are on the line. 


The call center company says its biggest client, SIMPLE Mobile, is pulling out. The prepaid wireless service company TracFone Wireless bought it from T-Mobile six months ago. 


"I mean, why care?" asked Racheal Tilman, a customer service representative. "We all know that we're not going to have a job." 


Mexican telecom mogul and Forbes Magazine's world's richest man, Carlos Slim, reportedly owns a controlling stake in TracFone. iVox employees say their customer service jobs are being outsourced to Guatemala.


"It's a very scary situation to be told that, after you've put in a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication, that your job is going to another country," said Renee Curtis, an Ivox employee.  


The contract ends December 7. iVox has a few more clients, but Tilman says none are demanding enough to keep people employed.


"It's kind of a bad business decision to put all your eggs in one basket," she said.


iVox execs say they're trying to court new clients, in order to save jobs. They claim four potential clients are meeting on site next week.  


"iVox has been wonderful through the whole thing. TracFone makes a decision, and it affects us all here," said Curtis. 


In the meantime, some employees say they're looking for new jobs.


"I can't take a risk. I've got stuff to pay," said Diana Milian. 


There have already been layoffs. iVox officials say there were six last week, and the company has shrunk from more than 600 employees in May to more than 300 today.

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