Humane Society of the Treasure Coast overcrowded with homeless animals

PALM CITY, Fla. - They're calling it an urgent situation. The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast is overcrowded with homeless animals and the numbers keep going up.

Every cage is full inside it's Palm City location.  Typically the Humane Society has about 90 animals. Right now the number is 140.

"We end up having to put crates in our adoption area to try and get these animals seen and shown to the public," says Candice Veach with the Humane Society.

Veach gave us a tour and around corner we saw a furry face.

"So when all our rooms are full we start putting crates in hallways," says Veach.

There are lots of kittens. Many crates contain as many as four kittens usually from the same litter.  They also have several puppies including a stray dog that gave birth to seven puppies about two weeks ago.

Veach says some animals are strays, others were given up.

"This is a paralyzed dog that we had surrendered to the shelter with his wheelchair," says Veach.

Veach isn't sure why numbers are so high right now. The Humane Society is cutting its fees drastically to increase adoptions.

"Our normal cat adoption fees are $40," says Veach, "We've reduced it to $5 and our dog adoption fees are $120. We've reduced that to $25."

The Humane Society doesn't euthanize for space. It will put animals down for health or behavior problems. The facility is open admission which means they take every animal including rabbits.

"We don't ever shut our doors," says Veach.

The Humane Society is also using social media to promote their animals.

Last year they found homes for 2,000 animals.

For more information go to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast's website:

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