Casey Anthony reportedly taking refuge at The Cross Church in Palm City

PALM CITY, Fla. -- For a week now, reports have surfaced about Casey Anthony living in Martin County.

The Daily Beast reported Anthony is taking refuge at The Cross Church in Palm City, under the wing of lead Pastor Steve Camp. While none of these reports have been confirmed, Martin County is abuzz about the possibility of Anthony living in their community.

Since those reports, Palm City residents have continued to drive by the church, located at 34th Street SW, stopping on the sidewalk to take a look.

"We heard that Casey was around, and we were sitting on my bed watching TV and decided that we would just come by and check it out," said Palm City resident Robin Remington.

Residents with signs stating "Hide your Kids" roamed the street, according to Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers. Other residents rode by yelling, "Casey is innocent!"

Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers reported that Michael Wedgwood, 17, said he caught a glimpse of Anthony receiving a police escort off the property.

"She left in a white Hyundai. A newer model. She was in the back seat," Wedgwood told Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers. "Her hair is blonde and she was hiding her face."

Some residents said the prospect of Anthony living in their area worries them.

"There's an elementary school down the street. There's also kids coming out here for recess. That's just unreal to me that she would live here," said Alexis Fredricks, who also came to check on the reports.

Sheriff's deputies were stationed outside the church Wednesday night.

People Magazine reported Anthony was living in Port St. Lucie only a week ago.

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