Colorado shooting prompts runners throughout Martin County to raise money for victim's family

PALM CITY, Fla. - More than 100 runners on the Treasure Coast ran through the night to raise money for the children of one of the victims in the Aurora, Co. movie theater shooting.

In July, 70 people were shot during the premiere of a Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado.

Twelve of those who 70 died as a result of the shooting, investigators say was thanks to James Holmes.

The tragedy happened while Sonya Fronsoe was on vacation, but hearing about it just broke Fronsoe's heart.

"I just thought how tragic and unexpected," she said. "You send your child, your mother, your husband off the to movies and say I'll see you in a couple of hours."

Unfortunately for many families, they didn't see their loved ones alive again.

The thought of the unexpected burden it creates for these families caused Fronsoe of Palm City to organize an all night run.

Runners ran from 8 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday, in intervals, starting and finishing at the Palm City Presbyterian Church.

"You want to do something to help people and to just give back," Darrell Fiske, who participated in the run said. "We have so many blessings ourselves and when something like this happens it's just nice to do this."

The group known as the Breakfast Club chose to raise money for the daughters of Rebecca Ann Wingo.

She was a 32-year-old mother of two, who died during the massacre.

"She's a single mom and I thought the worst thing in life is that you think of losing your child or you think, 'Oh no. What if something happens to me,'" Fronsoe said.

On a mission to turn the tragedy into something positive, Fronsoe and more than a hundred runners raised more than $2,000 for Wingo's daughters scholarship fund.

Doing five miles at a time, the runners finished the journey.

Some runners ran for an hour and some ran for five through the night, just trying to give back where they can.

Cards were also made for the Wingo girls.

If you'd like to donate you follow this link.

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