Andy Biotic: Superhero comic book to help explain illnesses

PALM CITY, Fla. - Wesley Blauvelt calls himself a superhero geek.  He found himself turning to his so called 'geekiness' to tell his own kids about their grandparents' illnesses.

"I had to try to explain what was going on with their grandparents and I…I was struggling."

He couldn't find a children's book to help so he created 'Andy Biotic' a comic book superhero who fights inside your body.

"The team's called the Andy Buddies, they're like the Avengers of your body," he said. We want children to have a feeling that there's somebody inside them fighting right along with them."

Andy Biotic and his buddies are already a big hit at  Bessy Creek Elementary school in Palm City.

Casey Swift is a 4th grade teacher. "The kids absolutely love it! We read the stories, they're drawing their own superheros, it's kind of inspiring them."

Hadley Fincher is in her class, and likes the hero. "I like it because there's a lot of energy in it and it teaches me about my body."

Wesley is trying to turn the comic book into a series.

He's listed his comic book project on the Kickstarter   website - a site designed to help launch small businesses. 

Wesley said, "We are trying to raise $3,000, and what we're looking to do is to get a first run of the book printed, and we want to give these out for free to children's hospitals pediatricians, children's charities."

If you would like to help Andy Biotic save the day, go to The Andy Biotic Kickstarter page and become a backer.

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