New business focuses on growth in more than one way

H2GrOw establishes in Enterprise Zone

INDIANTOWN, Fla. - If you've always wanted to have a green thumb, but you're "all thumbs" in the garden, a new local company claims to have just the product for you.

A few years ago, Lee Jones was working with missionaries, helping them become more self-reliant when it came to growing their own food, when he had a vision.

"Good Lord says plant directly in the bag. That's what I started doing," said Jones.

Three years of research has led to H2GrOw.  Jones calls it gardening made for the busy urbanite.

"We've got a bag here that has patented clamps.  You hook to the bag.  An irrigation line is designed into the bag.  Then you put plants or seed directly in the bag, then everything grows out of the bag," said Jones.

The bag comes in 12 and 25 pound sizes.  A large complete system costs 69-dollars.

"There's no weeding, no fertilizing.  We've got the nutrients and soil mixed perfectly for your plants.  All you have to do is harvest."

Jones, a citrus farmer, says you can grow whatever you put in the bag.  He's grown sweet corn, tomatoes, broccoli and spinach to name a few.

But what Martin County is hoping is that Jones is also part of a growing entrepreneurial spirit for the region.  Last year, Indiantown was named the first Enterprise Zone in Martin County.

"It allows for business to take advantage of different tax credits and other advantages to be located in the zone so we're excited about that and this will be the first company located in it," said Tim Dougher with the Business Development Board of Martin County.

H2GrOw is selling its product in Indiantown and online to start as it looks for wider distribution. Right now, Jones' company has just 5 employees, but he hopes it will grow, as H2GrOw grows. 

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