Laurie Gaylord elected new school superintendent in Martin County

Martin County Schools begin Wednesday, and its students will soon see a new superintendent.

Laurie Gaylord was elected by a wide margin with about 62% of the vote. She defeats current superintendent Nancy Kline, who has served in the role since 2008.

Gaylord has been a school board member for ten years representing District Three, and she said she wanted to bring back focus to what she said is most important. "The leadership for Martin County, for the students," said Gaylord. "To really get the focus back on education, and that really is the priority, to get back to what we do best in Martin County, and that's education."

Gaylord commented on the campaign, that she acknowledged was contentious. "I knew that it would be a tough campaign, I knew that it would be tough," explained Gaylord. "I just didn't anticipate the overwhelming result. But I'm happy, and I think that it shows that Martin County really cares about education."

Current superintendent Kline issued this statement:

"I am leaving the district in better shape than when I took office. We have made incredible strides. Student achievement has increased, graduation rates are up, and we have always done what's right for kids."

Since the two candidates were both Republicans, this victory is a winner-takes all, and all voters had a say in the election.

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