Martin County Sheriff's Office: 2 pillowcase burglars arrested in Palm City Friday Afternoon

PALM CITY, Fla. - Deputies arrested two pillowcase burglars during a routine traffic stop Friday afternoon in Palm City,  according to Christine Weiss, spokeswoman for Martin County Sheriff's Office.

Charleston Williams, 20, and 26-year-old Ingram Harper, both of Broward County, were driving a rental car when they were pulled over for speeding.  Detectives later determined the vehicle was full of stolen property from previous burglaries in Broward County, Weiss said.

Both suspects have extensive criminal histories and are being held without bond at the Martin County Sheriff's Office, Weiss said.

So far Martin County Sheriff's Office has arrested 32 pillowcase burglars, all from Broward County.  All 32 suspects remain behind bars, Weiss said.

The sheriff will hold a series of town hall meetings, beginning on Tuesday, on how to protect against pillowcase burglars. The next town hall meeting will be  at the Morgade Library in Stuart.

Visit the Martin County Sheriff's Office Facebook page for more information about the town hall meetings.

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