Martin County School District reviewing policies after Breathalyzer prom controversy

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - A spokeswoman with the Martin County School District said district leadership is looking into school procedures and reviewing policies after forty students missed their prom because they were being breathalyzed at the Jensen Beach High School Prom.

All of the breathalyzers came back negative.

"We have heard from parents and we are doing a review," district spokeswoman Michele Blanco said.

Students were outraged when they arrived to the prom in a party bus Saturday night and were told they had to be tested.

School officials say they found something questionable on the bus that led them to breathalyze the students.

One student said it was a champagne bottle that was left on the bus by the bus company.

But a woman who identified herself as the manager at the party bus company but would not provide a name said the bus was checked before the teens boarded and there were only plastic cups -- no alcohol.

Students were not allowed into the prom until everyone one the bus was tested, and by the time that was finished the prom was over.

According to students, administrators had to return to the school from the prom site to get more breathalyzers which delayed the process.

"We did not have enough breathalyzers because we were not expecting to need so many," Blanco said on Thursday.

The forty students did not arrive to the prom until 10:30pm and the prom ended at midnight.

The students blamed their late arrival on a delay at dinner, rain, and a photo shoot that lasted longer than expected.

Some parents say they have made appointments with lawyers and are considering a class action lawsuit because they spent so much on a prom their children weren't able to attend.

"Some people are talking about doing a protest in front of the school some people are talking about litigation," parent Elliot Ziegler said.

The woman who identified herself as manager of the party bus company said her driver told her that two students became sick on the bus early in the night and appeared intoxicated.

Students on the bus say those teens that were sick were picked up by their parents while everyone was taking pictures before the bus drove the remaining teens to dinner and to the prom.

"Right when the girl who was in charge of the bus was aware of what was happening she kind of told them hey I'm sorry but you are not my responsibly...I can't let you come in with us and get us all in trouble for something one kid did. They agreed and said I'm not going to ruin this for everyone else," student Kendell McCormick said.

The students insist no alcohol was ever on the bus.