Martin County is looking at new rules for any proposed truck stops

Residents are opposed

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - A year-long battle isn't over in Martin County.  Hundreds of people are fighting plans for a truck stop. On Thursday night a county board looked at new rules that could put the brakes on any proposal. 

Many residents say no and one member of the Local Planning Agency agrees.
"Honestly I don't want these truck stops here," says Trent Steele.
Despite the opposition the county board needs to look at new rules regulating truck stops.
"I'm not sure the rules address the traffic issue at all," says resident Judy Gordon.
The new proposed rules include limiting truck access to major roadways, parking areas must be 50 feet away from property lines and engines can't idle longer than five minutes.
"The noise, the gas pollution, all of that," says resident Grace Hodges.
Interstate 95 is a major route for truck drivers. That's why a local businessman proposed building a truck stop off Kanner Highway near the I-95 exit in Stuart. But residents fought it and Martin County imposed a moratorium.  
"It's a bad move for Stuart," says resident Libby Fadden, "It doesn't represent what Stuart is."
While Martin County looks at new rules, the bigger roadblock for any truck stop in this area will be residents.
"Been there from the beginning, be there til the end," says Gordon.
The man who proposed the truck stop refused to speak with WPTV on camera. But he says he's not giving up on his plans.

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