Martin County Health officials hit the streets to prevent dengue fever

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - The Martin County Health Department is taking action to prevent another outbreak of dengue fever this summer.

Sunday, the health department passed out mosquito prevention fliers to nearly 400 homes in the Rio area, offering tips on how to protect themselves and their properties from mosquitos.

Tips include wearing pants and long sleeves at dusk and dawn, keeping bug repellent handy, and getting rid of standing water.

It's advice many have heard before, but the health department wants to remind people before the start of mosquito season.

Last summer, more than 20 people were infected with dengue fever, which causes painful, fever-like symptoms.

Rio resident, Thomas Davies, considered himself lucky last summer. "Every time I get bit, I'm thinking about it in the back of my mind," Davies said.

Nearby neighbors of his were infected.

"It was kind of scary because it was the unknown," said Rio resident Anna Baddock.

She is glad to see the health department being proactive. She's remaining watchful around her property. "We were just really careful about standing water," Baddock explained.

Mosquito season usually starts around June.

The Martin County Health Department has also planned other prevention events in Rio and Jensen Beach next month.