Martin County firefighters testify in Joseph Haas trial, describe saving Jahwann McIntyre

STUART, Fla. -- Trial began Wednesday for Joseph Haas, accused of deliberately setting a fire to his home in Martin County that injured several firefighters in December of 2012.

Three of the four Martin County firefighters who were injured testified, describing the fear and pain they suffered to put out the fire, and save one of their own.

Investigators say Joseph Haas set the fire that injured the firefighters including Jahwann McIntyre.

Firefighter Scott Cannon described that he, firefighter Scott Risk and McIntyre were ordered to search inside the home for anyone that may be stuck inside.

First responding firefighters say they saw a baby stroller in the garage before making access into the home, leading them to think there could be a family inside.

Cannon said the fire was one of the hottest he had even been near. He described smoke so thick that he couldn't see his hand in front of his face.

Cannon said the three of them found a stairway and went upstairs thinking if anyone was sleeping, that's where they would be.

Cannon said all three of them got separated. Risk and Cannon eventually found each other and tumbled down the stairs to safety, according to Cannon.

Then, Risk and Cannon both described hearing McIntyre screaming in agony. Unable to find him, Risk says he called for a mayday.

Risk testified that he eventually went back up the stairs and eventually found McIntyre. Risk described throwing him over his shoulder, with skin so badly burned it was hanging from his body.

Prosecutors showed pictures of the scene, including gas cans left near the front door believed to have been used to set the house on fire.

McIntyre is expected to testify Thursday.