Martin County Commissioners wil discuss proposed referendum to increase sales tax on Tuesday

Would you pay more in taxes to fix local roads. That's the question in Martin County.

There are a lot of bumps in the road in the Parkwood neighborhood.

"We've got a lot of potholes and damage and it's been like this for two years," says Barbara Duncan.

Duncan has lived here with her two boys for five years. 

"They play out here and it gets a little bit dangerous when there's potholes," says Duncan.

Martin County has a $200 million backlog in road projects. That's why the commission is looking at increasing the sales tax up to 1%. The commission hasn't decided on the final number or length of time. They're expected to make some decisions during Tuesday's meeting.  The proposal will be decided by voters in a referendum November 4.

"Since the vote is in November we feel that the sooner they get it done the better the chance they have to explain to the public what they're doing," says Richard Geisinger with the Martin County Taxpayers Association.

An increase in sales tax could add up for families who live paycheck to paycheck. Food and medical expenses would be exempt.

"We go and we bargain shop," says Duncan, "We use coupons and we check the sales and that's how I shop every time."

Some neighbors say it's worth it to fix the roads.

"We got summer coming up and hard rains ahead and they're gonna get worse," says resident Jud Brown.

If Martin County goes ahead with the referendum and voters say yes, a 1% increase in sales tax would generate about $21 million every year.