Martin County burglaries: Sheriff's office issues alert after series of crimes in gated communities

STUART, Fla. - This story was updated on 9/5/2014 to reflect the calls made to residents was from an Emergency Reverse Calling System.

Original story published June 5, 2014

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement Thursday urging all residents to be on alert after a number of home burglaries occurred Wednesday.

Three homes were burglarized, two of which were in the gated communities of Hammock Creek and Hunters Club.

Sheriff William Snyder says the thieves will wait until a gate is left open or they will tailgate motorists and drive into the neighborhood behind a resident before the gate closes.

Investigators said these burglaries are consistent with pillowcase style/traveling burglaries. Witnesses said they saw a suspicious gray compact car near two of the crimes.

One resident in Hammock Creek said that he will be writing to his HOA asking it to consider staffing someone for more hours of the day in the guardhouses.

He also realizes gates won't always protect his property.

"It keeps a lot of problems out but I guess that's subject to change. If people want to do something they will find a way,” said Hammock Creek resident Michael Caputo.

Detectives said they are also investigating residential burglaries near Hobe Sound.

On May 27, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office conducted a Emergency Reverse Calling System call to more than 2,000 Hobe Sound residents warning them of multiple burglaries in their area.

"I've said for a long time now we do believe this is an evolving crime trend, they (thieves) are switching up their MO some so we can't take for granted that we know all of their styles. We just have to keep alert,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.
Beginning Thursday night Sheriff Snyder will be visiting HOAs to talk about the return of the pillowcase burglars.

List of recent burglary locations:
* Hammock Creek
* Heritage Plantation
* Harbour Point
* Hobe Sound
* Village Circle (Two cases)
* Croft Street
* Gettysburg Court
* Dharlys Street

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