Man dies in Martin County house fire

Fire kills Martin County man

The crime scene tape is still up around the house on Seneca Avenue in Stuart .  Workers with the State Fire Marshal's office spent the day Monday combing through the charred debris.  They are currently handling the investigation after a man's body was found inside.


Dennis Scanlan can only hope that the body found inside this home is not that of his best friend.


 "I usually stop by every morning to take him with me for a cup of coffee and stuff," said Scanlan as he looked on  at the handful of fire trucks parked in front of the home.


But Scanlan did not get that text Monday morning from the man who lived here.  His name has not been released by officials.  Neighbors say he was 48 years-old and had a daughter.  Even though he had some personal struggles in recent years, neighbors said he would go out of his way to help a friend.


 "No matter how he was feeling, he'd help somebody else.  He made sure he took care of himself though, you know," said Scanlan.


Fire though took care of the man's home.  When firefighters arrived, it was already half engulfed in flames.


"It was gone so quickly, it happened in just a couple of minutes," said neighbor Debbie House, who had called 9-1-1.


The victim was found by the door leading to the carport.  Investigators would not speculate whether he was trying to escape. 


Neighbors said the man was hard of hearing and when the fire had broken out, at least one person was seen banging on the door trying to get his attention before firefighters arrived. 


Whether the man's hearing impairment worked against him is also a question that can't be answered yet. The fire district says people with disabilities can call them so that if there's ever an emergency at their home, emergency responders have that information in advance. 


It's not  known  if that was done in this case.


So far, investigators don't believe there was any foul play.  

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