Tim Bowker, Jensen Beach cab driver, attacked on the job

Driver remains in stable condition

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - The Martin County Sheriff's Office is investigating a 'brutal' attack on a Treasure Coast cab driver. The driver remains in stable condition after being stabbed, beaten and robbed while on the job, according to investigators.

Late at night after the music dies down and the bar crowd in Jensen Beach pays the tab, many have been calling Tim Bowker for a safe ride home for years.

"Really reliable," said Mark Postlethwaite, a Jensen Beach resident. "He comes in about ten or fifteen minutes."

49 year old Bowker, from Port St. Lucie, makes a living through his independent cab business, promoted as an affordable 'designated driver service'. "He'd take anybody, no problem, no question," said Robert Hackney, a bartender at The Boardwalk restaurant and bar.

There have been no rides from Bowker since Friday night because he is in a hospital bed fighting to recover from what the Martin County Sheriff's Office calls a 'brutal' beating, stabbing and robbery.

"He was attacked. He was stabbed several times. He was in ICU. It's pretty sad," said Postlethwaite.

As of Tuesday evening, there were still no known suspects, nor any arrests after Bowker's Friday night drive turned extremely dangerous. Investigation reports show it was at a Cumberland Farms convenience store, northeast Savannah Road, where investigators found Bowker bleeding so profusely, they did not know whether he had been shot or stabbed.

Deputies later confirmed that Bowker was bleeding from his head and face, the result of a stabbing.

"People you pick up at that time of night, you never know what you're going to get, I'm sure," said Ivan Terhue, a bartender at Mulligan's in Jensen Beach.

Investigators are trying to re-trace Bowker's routes as well interview bartenders, patrons or anyone with information about the case.

"He was a big guy, but he was the most timid guy you'd ever meet," said Hackney.


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