Martin County Mosquito Control helps restaurant owners protect outside diners

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - - As a fourth report of dengue fever in Martin County has been confirmed, Jensen Beach restaurant owners are working to make sure outside dining doesn't diminish as people try to avoid the virus bearing bugs.

Mosquito Control is working with business owners to keep establishments pest free, and protect outside diners.

Judith Nulton and her husband choose to eat outside when it's not too hot. "Anytime we can sit near water and be outside, we love that," Nulton explained.

But she says she does think about her health with continued reports of dengue fever. "There's always concern, so I think in any case you're just careful."

Mosquito Control helped business owners on Friday find ways to keep their properties pest free.

In just 2 1/2 weeks, Mosquito Control has swept more than 800 homes and businesses in the Rio and Jensen Beach communities, looking for standing water.

They also handed out brochures with information about dengue fever and how to prevent mosquitos from swarming to their homes and businesses.

At one Jensen Beach restaurant, Mosquito Control found a wash bucket full of mosquito larvae.

"Every once in awhile, we hit the mother load like this and it's just loaded with them," said Patrick Graham with Mosquito Control.

Other restaurants come up clean. "I think it's great. They walked around the property just a few hours ago and said the property looks really good," said Crawdaddy's owner, Mark Kren.

Kren says before the dengue fever reports, he always kept an eye out for pools of standing water.

"You see there' no other buckets or nothing that would keep water."

He keeps buckets overturned, and puts bleach in his fountains to make sure outdoor business isn't over run by the pests.

"Im going to do everything I can to make sure it stays as bug free as possible," said Kren.

Mosquito Control will continue to make regular sweeps for at least another week. If more reports of dengue fever are confirmed, officials say they will extend the sweeps.

The last time the Mosquito Control had to do the community sweeps was in 2011, during the last reports of Dengue Fever.

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