Lt. Robert Fletcher: Jensen Beach soldier killed nearly 6 years ago at Fort Hood

Family reacts to latest Fort Hood shooting

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - A Jensen Beach family is reacting to word of the deadly Fort Hood shooting after their youngest son was killed on the base nearly 6 years ago.

Jack and Ginny Luther's son, Robert 'Bart' Fletcher, was killed on post at Fort Hood in 2008.

Jack and Ginny say he was fulfilling an order to investigate allegations that another soldier was stealing military property. When he was checking on that soldier, the man shot Fletcher then himself.

“I thought Bart was safe. Finally I can breathe as a mother,” Ginny said, thinking her son was safe on American soil after serving overseas.

Fletcher's death happened a year before a mass shooting on the base.

In November 2009, 13 people were shot at killed while 32 others were wounded.

The latest shooting that left 4 dead including the shooter reopens deep wounds for Jack and Ginny Luther.

“I just feel frustrated that it doesn’t stop. I feel frustrated that there isn’t a solution or doesn’t seem to be a solution,” Ginny said.

Ginny and Jack don't only blame the shooters, however, for the tragedies. They also blame the lack of treatment for mental illnesses.

“I feel that’s what happened to Jodi, Bart’s killer. I feel like he was out of body and then realized what he did and killed himself,” Ginny said.

Ginny and Jack now know four new military families are feeling the grief they've been dealing with.

“We know what it’s like to live in this very exclusive club that nobody wants to be a member of,” Jack said.

They hope the latest shooting may lead to more help for those battling with mental health issues.

“The pain will never leave, but it is manageable and it will get better. It will get better,” Ginny said.

Since Fletcher's death, Jack and Ginny have been committed to helping the youth in the community who need emotional support. They hope to stop mental illness from developing at a young age.

They've also created the Lt. Robert Fletcher Memorial Foundation in his honor.

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