Jensen Beach restaurant says storms help profits

Higher wind means higher swells & higher profits

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Fla. - Paul Barton's name is the "P" in CAPS Island Grill. He said his Jensen Beach restaurant has become a hot spot for surfers.

"They love to surf, come take a break, get some food, and then go back," he said.

Barton is getting ready for what could be a business boom Thursday when the winds speeds are predicted to reach the double digits. The higher the wind, the higher the swells, the higher the profits.

"Seems to always, especially on Hutchison Island here, bring out the surfers when we have a storm," he said. "Even though the outcomes might not be as good during the storm, the surfers seem to love to come take advantage of the waves."

With half of the dining area on the patio, CAPS has a few storm preps to make.

"We have an umbrella, a tent and a sail. They don't fare too well in the winds. They must come down for the storms," said Barton.

Last month with Tropical Storm Isaac, he had surfer customers from as far away as Tampa who came to Jensen Beach to surf the Atlantic.

This weekend, he's hoping to see some more of the same, but in the meantime, he said they have to be prepared:

"Sack up and get out of nature's way."

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