Kona Beach Cafe adding shark to its Jensen Beach menu for one day, causes social media backlash

Restaurant serves shark after owner bitten

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - A local restaurant is changing its menu for one day, which normally isn't a big deal.

But some people are upset and voicing their anger on social media that Kona Beach Cafe will be serving shark Saturday. 

It's the same animal that bit the restaurant's owner and now he's biting back.  The attack happened while he was surfing at Jensen Beach on March 15, 2012.

"The shark came up out of the water and bit me right on the arm," said restaurant owner Frank Wacha.

Wacha believes the shark mistook him for a fish.  After he was bitten he quickly got out of the water.

"It was bleeding a lot but it was not spurting," says Wacha. "It hadn't hit an artery. I could move all my fingers."

He has scars on his arm but the bite didn't scare Wacha away from the water.

"I surf every chance I get," said Wacha.

Wacha owns Kona Beach Cafe in Jensen Beach. Last year he decided to mark the first anniversary with a party serving shark meat.

"People had a blast," said Wacha.

He's doing it again this Saturday.  It's called "Kona Bites Back." Wacha is getting about 50 pounds of shark meat from a vendor. It's legal to buy and serve shark.  

But this year he's had a different kind of reaction.

"I was amazed at some of the hatred that some people had," said Wacha.

The restaurant's Facebook page has been targeted by opponents. They're upset because shark will be on the menu. People have left comments and messages.

"One person even went so far as to say that they hope that it bit my leg off," said Wacha.

Several people wrote on Facebook that they won't eat at Wacha's restaurant.

Wacha says the reaction has surprised him but not stopped him. The event will include live music and other activities.

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