Husband in Jensen Beach prostitution case arrested

He attacked wife's customers, police records say

JENSEN BEACH, Fla.  — A man accused of involvement in a prostitution business, shooting a man and intimidating another with a gun at his trailer was arrested Thursday following events earlier this month involving his 21-year-old wife and Internet ads for "companionship," records show.

The records supporting the arrest of Daniel Diodato, 27, contain statements from Kyle Hicks, the 33-year-old sex offender who was shot, and another man that give a different account from what's been released about the Oct. 3 events at the Diodato trailer home in the 80 block of Northeast 15th Terrace.

At the time, Diodato told Martin County Sheriff's Office investigators that he and his wife, Sarah Diodato, placed an ad for "companionship" on Daniel Diodato said they typically charge $120 for a 30-minute session, and the men must use condoms and can't kiss his wife. Daniel Diodato said the proceeds went to buy pills "illegally in Fort Pierce."

Daniel Diodato said Hicks didn't like the idea of him being there during the "companionship session," and that Hicks started fighting. Daniel Diodato said Hicks said he was a mixed martial arts fighter and tried to take him to the ground. Daniel Diodato said Hicks put his wife in a choke hold and punched her.

Daniel Diodato said he shot Hicks with a shotgun after finding Hicks trying to choke his wife.

However, sheriff's officials found Sarah Diodato had no "marks, redness or swelling consistent with being struck or choked." Daniel Diodato had wounds on his knuckles "consistent with using his fists to strike." In addition to the shotgun wound, Hicks had a large gash on his forehead and his nose looked to be bloody.

Hicks told investigators he arranged to meet Sarah Diodato after leaving a jai alai establishment where he was playing poker.

He said when he got to the Jensen Beach home, Daniel Diodato said his wife was with another person. Hicks said Sarah Diodato came out and told her husband the man was "acting weird." Hicks said he saw Daniel Diodato go in and "apparently attack the male in the bedroom."

The man, Hicks said, appeared "terrified" and looked over his shoulder as he went to his vehicle.

Hicks said he told Daniel Diodato he'd been training to be a mixed martial arts fighter, saying he told Daniel Diodato he'd fight back if Daniel Diodato attacked him as he did the other man. Hicks told investigators he'd never engaged in such training and that he said that to try to intimidate Daniel Diodato.

"Well then I guess I'll just have to shoot you," Daniel Diodato is quoted as saying by Hicks.

Already uncomfortable with the situation, Hicks said he decided to leave.

He said Daniel Diodato pushed or hit him as he tried to unlock the door. Hicks said Daniel Diodato "head-butted" him, striking his nose and making it bleed. Hicks said he started fighting and got the upper hand. He heard Daniel Diodato yelling at his wife to get the gun from under the couch. They struggled for the weapon, and Daniel Diodato got it. Hicks said he was trying to unlock the door when he got shot.

Hicks denied hitting Sarah Diodato.

Investigators talked to the man who was in the trailer earlier. He said he paid $160 to Sarah Diodato, who performed a sex act on him. He said she left the room several times to talk to someone on the phone and give directions to the home.

The man decided to leave and said he wanted half his money back. He said Daniel Diodato came toward him in an "aggressive manner" and he tripped while backing up. He decided to leave without getting any money back and saw a gun barrel and heard a sound he believed to be from a gun. He said he was scared for his safety and left.

Investigators interviewed the Diodatos, and the interviews "repeatedly conflicted and changed."

"There were also many blatant lies about the activities that were taking place within the residence," records state.

The Diodatos said Hicks "viciously attacked" them, but no physical evidence supported that.

Daniel Diodato was arrested Thursday on charges including deriving support from proceeds of prostitution, possession or use of firearm by person engaged in criminal offense, aggravated assault — firearm and aggravated battery — deadly weapon.

Sarah Diodato was arrested Monday on two counts of engaging in prostitution.

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