Fireworks all in the family

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - Wednesday  night thousands of us will be craning our necks skyward to take in the areas spectacular fireworks shows. So July 3rd is a very busy day for those crews getting set to set off the red, white, and boom.

Inside a barge docked along the St. Lucie River, the sounds of hammers echo along the barge walls. It sounds like a construction project, and in a way it is because this is building up to a patriotic finale. The crew of Creative Fireworks from Jensen Beach is preparing the tubes that will hold the fireworks soon to be blasted off for our enjoyment.

"People still want their fireworks, it's Independence Day," said Creative Fireworks owner Jim Yurillo.

Wednesday night's show will be simulcast on the radio, adding a little more stress.

"When 9 o'clock comes, we have to push the button. It's not give me 5 more minutes, we have to know what shell goes off when, how long it will last in the air and if we will get the effect we want in that particular time in the music," said Yurillo.

Yurillo is a third generation pyrotechnician. His grandfather and father had a fireworks business up north and there's a good chance the business will pass along to the fourth generation.

"I would love to take over and everything I love doing this. It's rewarding in itself," said Victoria Yurillo.

Victoria is a senior at Jensen Beach High School who has been helping out for as long as she can remember. She takes a lot of pride in the family business.

"One of my favorite things is we have fireworks at the homecoming game and I'll be up in the band and people will so oh there are fireworks and I'll say 'that's my dad'," said the younger Yurillo.

With the economy, Creative Fireworks doesn't do as many shows as it has done in the past, but it will be doing both shows in Stuart and Port St. Lucie. 

"When the show ends and all the boats are blowing their horns and you can hear the crowd rolling across the water, that's the testament that you did your job right that night," said Jim Yurillo.

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