As summer starts, Martin County Fire Rescue hosts beach safety fair

Martin Co. Fire Rescue pushes beach safety

JENSEN BEACH, Fla. - Whether it be a fountain or the river, summer time means fun times in the water for kids.

Dozens of kids showed up at Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach for a beach safety fair Saturday.

"We decided to come here instead of the water park because we wanted the river and we wanted the fountain," Tracy Barnes said.

Barnes brought her grandkids to have fun, but also learn about Martin County Fire Rescue.

"It's really important to know that they're here to help them and give them any help that they need and that they don't t need to be afraid of them," Barnes said.

Kids watched a helicopter land, enjoyed cotton candy and went inside the emergency vehicles.

"Most people get in the back of that truck and they never realize what it had and what we have to offer," Martin County Fire Rescue Bureau Chief Dan Harshburger said.

Martin County Fire Rescue says Saturday's event is really about pushing beach safety.

"A lot of people travel come and visit our beaches every year so we want to ensure the safety of all of our families and children during that busy time," Harshburger said.

Lifeguards found fun ways to work with the kids to teach them water safety.

Emily Hall is a lifeguard and she brought out a fire rescue surfboard, which kids flocked to.

"Floating around in the water is pretty fun," Hall said.  "I enjoy it too. I can see why they'd say, 'Oh I want to do what the lifeguard does.'"

Hall says it gets them learning about the water in a fun way at a young age.

"The more comfortable in the water they are when they're younger is the more comfortable they are when they're older then also pass that onto their children," Hall said.

Preventing kids from drowning not only this summer, but many summers to come.

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