A week after man was shot at her home a Jensen Beach woman was accused of prostitution

JENSEN BEACH — A week after a man was shot in a trailer home where he told Martin County sheriff's investigators he went for sexual favors, the 21-year-old woman with whom he discussed an intimate encounter has been arrested, according to records released Tuesday.

Sarah Ruth Diodato was arrested shortly after 9 p.m. Monday on two misdemeanor counts of engaging in prostitution after incidents at her home in the 80 block of Northeast 15th Terrace.

Sheriff's dispatchers about 1:12 a.m. Oct. 3 got a 911 call from Diodato's husband, 27-year-old Daniel Diodato, who said he had just shot a man who had attacked his wife.

The man who had been shot with the 12 gauge shotgun, Kyle Hicks, told sheriff's officials he was "trying to get some (sexual favors)."

Daniel Diodato and his wife said they'd been advertising "companionship sessions" with Sarah Diodato on the Internet. Daniel Diodato said they typically charge $120 for a 30-minute session, a report states.

Daniel Diodato and his wife said Hicks, a 33-year-old sex offender, responded to the ad, and that Hicks started fighting them. Daniel Diodato shot Hicks once.

Daniel Diodato said the men must wear a condom and can't kiss his wife, according to reports.

An "unwrapped and unrolled condom" turned up in the bedroom, and sheriff's investigators spoke to a man who said he'd used the condom. He said he gave Sarah Diodato $160, and that she told him to remove his pants "to prove he wasn't a cop," investigators said.

He said Sarah Diodato put the condom on him and began performing a sex act on him.

"They were interrupted by Mr. Diodato, and left the residence before any further sexual acts took place," records state.

Sheriff's officials learned the man arrived at the Diodato home just after 12:37 a.m. Oct. 3, while Hicks got there about 1 a.m.

Daniel Diodato said Hicks met with his wife, "at which time they discussed fees and what sexual acts that were to be performed."

Daniel Diodato was in a bedroom listening. He came out, which appeared to surprise Hicks. Daniel Diodato told deputies Hicks didn't like the idea of him being there during the "companionship session."

Hicks said he wanted his money back, and Daniel Diodato said he should "give Sarah a chance to help him relax."

Daniel Diodato said Hicks grabbed him by the collar and said he was a mixed martial arts fighter. They struggled, and Daniel Diodato managed to get away before Hicks is accused of starting to choke Sarah Diodato.

"Daniel, exhausted from fighting and being choked, crawled to the couch in the living room and pulled out his Mossberg shotgun from underneath it," the report states.

Hicks let go of Sarah Diodato and jumped on Daniel Diodato's back, getting a hand on the shotgun.

The altercation continued with Hicks beginning to choke Sarah Diodato again, according to a report. Daniel Diodato fired a shot into Hicks' side and called 911.

Sarah Diodato said Hicks seemed angered when Daniel Diodato came out of the bedroom and that he punched her. She told deputies Hicks held her down and began to try to touch her and her genitalia. She said she got tired and could fight no longer, which is when her husband tried to fight Hicks off.

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