Manatee back in water after rehabilitation

INDIANTOWN, Fla. - A manatee is back in the water after months of rehabilitation.

"Meeka" was discovered in March near Timer Powers Park in Indiantown.

When she was rescued, she had broken ribs and other internal injuries from being hit by a boat propeller. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologists took her to the Miami Seaquarium to be treated.

Among those bringing her back to the water today was Joanne Rumbelow from the West Palm Beach Police Department, who took part in the initial rescue.

"This is a different kind of water experience for me today where I rescued an animal that was so badly injured and so sick . People rehabilitated her and I got the opportunity to finish what I started and that was to put her back in the water where she came from."

So why was the manatee named "Meeka?" Since she was found near Indiantown, the Miami Seaquarium crew thought of the movie "Pocahantas" and the raccoon character named "Meeko."

Meeka was discovered underweight, and put back on 100 pounds during her four months of rehab.