Horse arena at Timer Powers Park to get a roof

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - Martin County commissioners have approved a request from the Martin County Parks and Recreation Department to spend 2.2 million dollars to put a roof over the horse arena at Timer Powers Park.

The project will also add water lines, restrooms and permanent bleachers.

For local equestrians, it means more time to enjoy their pursuits closer to home.

"I'm currently traveling twice a week to Lake Okeechobee to participate in local events and also just to practice my horses.  I'm traveling 45 minutes when I have a park 10 minutes away," said barrel racer Dawn Smith.

The local chamber of commerce sponsored a campaign called "Don't Horse Around, Cover the Ground,” promoting the new roof as another way to bring business to western Martin County.

Groundbreaking is expected in October at the end of this year's Indiantown Rodeo.