Reports of tornadoes touching down Saturday morning in Hobe Sound

HOBE SOUND — Several homes sustained damage after suspected tornadoes blew through an area north of Bridge Road on Saturday morning.

In the Ridgeway Mobile Home subdivision, a few homes sustained roof damage while another dozen or so had damage to car ports, Martin County Fire and Rescue Administration Chief Jon Belding said.  As fire crews worked their way through the neighborhood, they counted 42 homes and six cars with damage of varying degrees.

The subdivision was without power, Belding said.

The National Weather Service also received reports that a home had roof damage on Amendment Street as well as tree damage on Dixie as well as downed power poles at Gomez Road and Loblolly Bay Drive, meteorologist John Pendergrast said.

Belding said the department started receiving reports around 8:45 a.m. He said one individual suffered minor injuries. The department received reports of four possible tornadoes touching down, he said.


"I thought I was going to die for a minute, it was really frightening, I never have seen a tornado before and I never want to see another one," explained one resident.

Parts of homes were taken up and over homes and into yards across streets.  Trees were uprooted, and mailboxes twisted with the force of the winds.


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