New lifeguard tower installed at Hobe Sound Beach Park

HOBE SOUND, Fla. - A new lifeguard tower that hopes to improve safety was installed Tuesday at Hobe Sound Beach Park.

The tower is a new design and will improve visibility to Martin County Fire Rescue Ocean Rescue Lifeguards, according to a news release.

It will have wider ramps instead of narrow ladders, making it easier for lifeguards to run into the water.

The new tower, which was built by a local company in Stuart, Fla., will sit 2 feet higher than the old structure.

"The lifeguards here are going to be able to see further and respond further away than they used to.  Instead of them running, they can come down there with an ATV," said Emily Hall of Martin County Ocean Rescue Chief.  

Lifeguards say this will allow them to get to people more quickly, shaving valuable seconds off their response.

The county says the project brings much needed improvements to the Hobe Sound Beach lifeguard operation and enables speedy replacement of the damaged lifeguard tower on Jensen Beach's north side.

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