Governor Rick Scott talks lagoon on Treasure Coast

Booed by protestors last summer, Governor Rick Scott was back on the Treasure Coast talking about the Indian River Lagoon.


Sewall's Point commissioner Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch got a call last Friday to join Kevin Powers from the South Florida Water Management District at his Martin County home.


She was shocked at who was there.


"You kind of just do a double take and go that's Rick Scott," said Thurlow-Lippisch Monday.


As a local elected official, she empathized with the reception the governor got in Martin County last summer.


"Even though I believe the people had a right to be upset about the river and I think they would have been upset with any governor who had showed up," she said.


Thurlow-Lippisch explained to the governor how the Indian River Lagoon is the area's main artery.


"He goes, 'you know Martin County is really tough.' And I go 'Martin County is tough but let me tell you they're tough because we love our river'," she explained.


The commissioner said what she wanted to impress upon the governor is that the rivers aren't just important now but for future generations as well.


"It's our economy, it's our quality of life, it's how our children have fun growing up," said Thurlow-Lippisch.


The governor also saw first hand the muck that coats the bottom of the lagoon.


As weekly water testing continues, Thurlow-Lippisch says while it would have been nicer a year ago to have this conversation, she'll take it anyway she can get it.


NewsChannel 5 asked the governors office the reason behind this visit that also had the Lt. Governor and the DEP Secretary in town. 


A spokesman said in part, "Ensuring the needs of Stuart and other communities facing water challenges are met has been a critical part of the governor's agenda to send the water south and away from the St. Lucie Estuary."