Free hurricane shutters for some Indiantown residents

1000 shutters will go to 700 tenants

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. - Some Indiantown residents have peace of mind, thanks to Martin County.  Hurricane shutters are being installed for them for free.  

We visit a worker and his partners who are building sweet dreams for Irvin Taylor, and other low-income tenants.  The tenants live at the New Hope II community.  The workers are installing hurricane shutters for them.

Irvin Taylor says, "I was glad because I think I can sleep a little better if a hurricane comes."

Taylor and about 700 other tenants are going to sleep well knowing their community is getting one thousand hurricane shutters. Martin County received federal and state grants to pay for the shutters and their installation. It also helps the county with shelter space.

J.R. Lindstrom, the Housing Specialist for Martin County says, "It allows people who do not have hurricane protection to go to the shelters and it keeps more people off the streets in the event of a hurricane."

The shutters cost between $500 and $700 dollars a piece. The free shutters are a big help to Taylor whose wife is ill.

Taylor explains, "She's been sick for the last 11 years and it just kind of wiped us out."

The job gives Papo Rosado not only work in tough economic times, but a sense of purpose.

Rosado says with a huge smile on his face, "We protect them. That's the main thing. We protect them... They love me."

Taylor says it also makes him feel like somebody cares.

He says, "I really feel good. Sometimes you look at things and [they] don't seem... to be right. But with the ultimate end, God always sends somebody in to help us." It's help that's providing hope to the New Hope community.

All of the shutters are expected to be installed ahead of schedule by the end of Friday.

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