Dale Hoffa, Jefferson Award Winner, recognized

He retired from his job just a couple of years ago, but 86 year old Dale Hoffa is not slowing down.

"You know, I just retired from the sheriff's office, I retired at 84 in December of 20-11, and I would do it on my lunch hour."

The Martin County resident is now a full time volunteer with the Children's Emergency Resources organization in Stuart.

Dale said, "Well most of them are in need of some of medical assistance. It could be vision, it could be teeth. It could be possibly in need of medication."

Registered nurse Jennifer Bracken says countless Martin County children receive medical care because of his work. "Dale has been the spearhead of this organization from the very beginning."

Jennifer said even when he was working for the sheriff's office, Dale was contributing his time and energy to the organization for the past 21 years. "I have only worked with Children's Emergency Resources for the past five or six years and he has been here since the beginning."

Dale works to get financial support to pay for the medical assistance through fundraisers, including an upcoming golf tournament. It's nothing new for him. He's been helping others through his volunteer work for several organizations since the 1950s. "Well, it's probably been in me, it's the Christian thing to do. And I am there every day for the work of Jesus Christ."

A man who is being rewarded as a Jefferson Award Winner.

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